EXCELSA active wild honey collected from wild beehives by traditional groups of tribal honey foragers in the oldest over million years old Tropical Rain Forest of South East Asia. EXCELSA active wild honey are 100% pure without any additives & preservative. These experts travel deep within the forest to gather the wild honey, well beyond the reach of automobiles & other pollutants. It containing very rich in active Enzyme & all kinds for natural nutrition.

The Famous Chinese Traditional “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic” categorized honey as top grade of food will beneficial to human , the Ancient Greeks believe that honey is a “gift from god”, and the Indian Vedas say honey can prolong human life. With the statement above, we believe from ancient times to the present, Honey play as important role in nutrition and medical care.


《神农本草经》把野蜂蜜列为有益于人的上品,古希腊人认为蜂蜜是“天赐的礼物”,而印度的《吠陀经》则说蜂蜜可益寿延年。中国梁代名医陶弘景说过: “道家之丸,多用蜂蜜,修仙之人,单食蜂蜜,谓能长生。”这种说法虽有夸张之嫌,但仍充分说明了蜂蜜在营养及医疗上的作用。蜂蜜作为药用,在中国已有数千年的历史,功效良好。明代医学家李时珍指出:“蜂蜜入药之功有五:清热也;补中也;润燥也;解毒也;止痛也。生则性凉,故能清热。熟则性温,故能补中。甘而和平,故能解毒。柔而濡泽,故能润燥。缓可以去急,故能止心腹肌肉创伤之痛 ,和可以致中,故能调和百药,而与甘草同功。”

Why EXCELSA Active Wild Honey


.The nectars collected by wild bees are from tropical rainforest plants & flowers provide super natural nutrient source to wild bees to produce very unique & world’s finest honey.

. 100% pure wild honey, raw & unheated. Preserving all the natural active enzymes, high antioxidants, rich in pollen, vitamins, amino acids & minerals.

. Wild honey made form nectar collected from tropical rainforest has many times more   antioxidant as that produced by farm bees.

. Pure wild honey is made up of two main invert sugars, Fructose & Glucose. These monosaccharaides or simple sugar can be absorbed by human body directly without digestion.

. 100%纯正野生蜂蜜, 原汁原味和未加热处理。蜂蜜保存所有天然活跃的酶,高抗氧化,丰富的花粉,维生素群、氨基酸和矿物质等。

. 野生蜂蜜的抗氧化功效远远高于农场养殖的蜂蜜。

. 野生蜂蜜是由两个主要的轉化糖而形成,果糖和葡萄糖。这些都称为单糖,无需经过分解而且可以被人体直接吸收。减低身体消化习系統負荷。





Raw wild honey offer incredible antiseptic, antioxidant and cleansing properties for our body and health, valuable beauty and skin care tips for ladies, amazing healing properties as a head-toe home remedy.

. Many studies proved that pure wild honey has a series of medical values, promote human health and for healing purposes.

. Wild honey is commonly used for the treatment of throat and mouth infections & stomach ulcers.

. Regular consumption of EXCELSA wild honey can efficiently improve our body immunity, energetic, treating digestive problems, diarrhea, indigestion, stomach ulcers and gastroenteritis; maintain good skin complexion, increases stamina, libido & sexual potency, help wright loss and supply complete nutrition.

活性野蜂蜜具有令人难以置信的抗菌、抗氧化功能及净化我们身体与健康的属性物质, 高效的护肤美肤秘诀,惊人的愈合功能。可说是拥有全面功效的天然圣物。

. 许多研究证明,纯野生蜂蜜有一定的医疗价值,促进人类健康和治疗的功效。

. 野生蜂蜜对治疗喉咙、口腔感染和胃溃疡都有很好的效果。

. 野生蜂蜜促进和帮助睡眠,因为它释放睡眠期间身体机能所需的糖原。在睡前饮用野生 蜂蜜,有助于身体释放褪黑激素到大脑,帮助人体进入深度睡眠状态。

. 野生蜂蜜提供了一个现成和直接的能源-肝糖原,提供我们充满活力的早晨和运动后的能量来源。还能加强免疫系统,预防多种疾病。

. 野生蜂蜜充满天然益生元素,促进肠道益菌的生长。

. 经常食用EXCELSA野生蜂蜜可以有效地改善我们的身体免疫力,使精力充沛,治疗消化问题、腹泻、消化不良、胃溃疡、肠胃炎;保持和拥有良好的肤色,增加耐力, 提升精力及性欲,帮助减肥和供应完整的营养。



. Mid in flavor with a natural hint of floral, wine aroma, sweet & little sourness.

带有天然的酒密香,花香味道, 甜和微酸。



. Due to active enzymes in raw wild honey, which produced a formation of gas from the enzymes may cause spilling a glass cap. It is advisable to open the glass cap every fortnight to release the gas from the enzymes.


What You Should Know About Wild Honey…??


What is the shelf life of honey?

Honey, when kept properly, can have an indefinite life span. For example, honey was found in 2,000 year-old Egyptian pyramids, and it was still edible. Our honey has a packaged date and a best before date printed on the container; as of January 2016 this will be five years. However this is to satisfy international labelling legislation (as we ship all over the world) – our honey is 100% pure and doesn’t actually expire. Honey is a sweet food made by bees using the nectar from flowers. It is the only natural food that, as long as it is kept in its pure and natural state, does not spoil.

. Due to active enzymes in raw wild honey, which produced a formation of gas from the enzymes may cause spilling a glass jug. It is advisable to open the glass jug every fortnight to release the gas from the enzymes.

. Pure Wild honey is natural preservative & can be stores indefinitely, the flavor & color of wild honey may change upon season, sugar & mineral content.

. Pure wild honey may crystallize but this does not affect its quality.

. Honey should not be given to children less than 2 years old.

. Store in a cool & dry place. (Room temperature 25oC.) No refrigerator required.

. Do not use hot water (below 45oC).

. Do not use metal utensils/spoon in contact with the honey.

Suggested Serving : Take 2 tablespoons and mix with 200ml of water(Below 45oC), 2 to 3 times daily.


. 纯野生蜂蜜在特定的情况下是会结晶的,但这并不影响其质量。

. 2岁以下婴儿不适合饮食蜂蜜。

. 储存在阴凉处-室温25oC,无须存放在冰箱里。

. 不要用热水来调合,水温最好低于45oC。

. 不要使用金属器具/勺与蜂蜜接触。